We love getting outdoors in the late winter & early spring to make our maple syrup!  We also love sharing our experience.  We encourage visitors to come see our process and ask questions.  Making syrup is very dependent on the correct weather conditions but we’re typically doing our thing from Mid-February to Mid-April.  Reach out to us to see when we will be open.  Or if you happen to be in the neighborhood, and you see steam rising from our sugar shack, then stop on in!  We are also happy to coordinate a time for customers to visit if you wish to contact us.  Call, Text, Email, or use Twitter.
OUR SYRUP: We encourage you to stop by and sample some of our syrup. You will love it. We have many sizes and styles available and we are always adding to our selection
MAPLE SUPPLIES: Making your own syrup and in need of supplies? We carry almost everything that you might need. Tell us what you are looking for and we probably have it on hand. We’re always happy to help out local sugarmakers because we know that maple dealers are far away and when the sap is flowing, there is no time to drive around for that one item you forgot.